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Opening day inspires giddiness as hundreds hit the slopes

November 10, 2021
By Ethan Weinstein KILLINGTON—The line for the first chair of the season snaked well beyond the rope maze, stretching up the stairs and onto the grass at K-1 on Friday, Nov. 5. The mass of chilly smiles — braving the cold, bluebird November morning — waited impatiently, more than eager to load the gondola then…

Melissa Knipes, kindergarten teacher, knows her students

September 1, 2021
By Ethan Weinstein KILLINGTON—After 28 years teaching at Killington Elementary, one wouldn’t blame Melissa Knipes for burnout. She teaches kindergarteners — 5-year-olds — an age when some still ask for help in the bathroom while others have graduated to chapter books. But Knipes knows no cynicism, no complacency. She radiates warmth. Even entering a third…

Little Diggers Worm Farm makes composting easy

August 27, 2021
By Ethan Weinstein RUTLAND—Some kids like to collect baseball cards, others play video games. Lyric, 9, and her brother, Luca, 6, of Little Diggers Worm Farm, have a different hobby: worms. Along with their grandmother, Kim Ray, the sibling team created Little Diggers Worm Farm, selling mini worm farm kits, vermicomposting starter kits, worm casting…

Greg Cox is feeding Rutland

August 5, 2021
By Ethan Weinstein!podcast   “It’s gonna sound bizarre: I don’t focus on making a living, I focus on feeding people. And I have this little mantra in my head, that the farmer that’s worried about feeding his family may starve; the farmer that’s worried about feeding the world will never starve.” Greg Cox…

Integrating vertically at Savage Hart Farm

July 28, 2021
Episode no. 3 of My Side of the Mountain — overlooked stories of everyday life in the Green Mountain State. 10-minutes. By Ethan Weinstein It started as a joke: What if we had a sheep farm? Nine years later, Peg and Todd Allen know sheep. They raise lambs — “the finest colored Corriedales in…

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Meet the one-woman mothing machine

July 14, 2021
Episode no. 2 of My Side of the Mountain — overlooked stories of everyday life here in the Green Mountain State. 7-minutes.   By Ethan Weinstein Every night, once the sun sets, JoAnne Russo switches on her porch lights. Then, she waits. As the moths emerge from the darkness, Russo is ready with camera in…

“They healed me”: a life changed by fungi

July 7, 2021
By Ethan Weinstein   We're working on a podcast, My Side of the Mountain, featuring overlooked stories of everyday life. For the first episode, I went foraging with Ian Vair. Listen here:     “I didn’t just do this because I said, ‘Oh cool, medicinal mushrooms.’ They healed me in some ways. And it was really…