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Weekly Horoscope, June 19-25, 2024

June 19, 2024
Aries: It’s time for your annual check in regarding the balance between your professional and personal life. While attending to the demands that your career or job puts on you isn’t going to go anywhere soon, don’t make this at the expense of your home and family. Let those closest to you nourish you and be the well from which the other aspects of your life draw from. This isn’t the time for being all or nothing.

Past Horoscopes and Stories

Boundary between chaos and order

May 1, 2024
April’s storms were turbulent. Explosions. People losing their heads. Temper tantrums. Life really has been feeling like its straddling the boundary between chaos and order. Chaos can make you feel like you have purpose. Expending rage, for rages sake. Unless you’re still wearing diapers, petulant behavior is rarely a good look. For brief period, the…

Turn of the season

January 19, 2024
No matter how cold the winter, spring always comes. While this may not be true in the North, it is in the Southern Hemisphere. Regardless of your location on this sphere, the ethos remains the same — that time is circular, rather than linear. The seasons turn. The tide comes in and it goes out.…

Something gained, something lost

December 13, 2023
A total Solar Eclipse in Libra this week will backlight the eerie yet obvious imbalances of truth, justice and beauty in our personal lives as well as the collective landscape. As a New Moon, this eclipse holds the promise of bright new beginnings. Attached to the South Node, there is a purging or purifying component…

Cosmic Catalogue: Great sacrifice 

December 13, 2023
There are times in life, when in order to get to an ideal destination, you have to traverse through places you’d rather not endure. Life, at times, can seem like a continual cost-benefit analysis. In order to have X, you must compromise on Y. In order to compromise on Y, the desire for X has…