Mountain Meditation

Marguerite Jill Dye is an artist and writer to divides her time between Killington and Florida. Her family built an early “Killington Dream Lodge” on two acres of land near the beginning of Roaring Brook Road off Killington access Road. Jill Dye recounts that adventure.

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Boys, brothers, dad, Vermont

May 22, 2024
Building a Killington Dream Lodge: part 14 By Marguerite Jill Dye Dad made progress and forged ahead on our Killington ski lodge while Mom, Billie, and I toured Europe. Our extensive European whirlwind trip was the very beginning of my awakening to understand the world and how I fit in. I had no idea what…

Europe or bust but it didn’t seem just

May 15, 2024
Building a Killington dream lodge: Part 13 Dad was focused and totally devoted to building his Killington dream lodge each weekend. It became his life purpose and passion to build his heart-felt legacy for our family. His dedication was inspiring to behold. Mom was committed (they were still married) but she had other interests, as…

Mountain Meditation: My first driving adventure with a Vermont learner’s permit

May 8, 2024
Building a Killington Dream Lodge: Part 12 While building our ski lodge in Killington, we worked very hard but there were perks, too. One thing I loved most about Vermont was what I discovered when I was 13. Since we owned property, I’d qualify to apply for a learner’s permit when I turned 14. (In…

Watching the Killington community grow

May 1, 2024
Building our Killington Dream dream lodge, Part 11 We began to build our ski lodge in 1958, the same year the Killington Access Road was built and the mountain opened for its first ski season. Preston Smith who began it all lived at the end of Roaring Brook Road, about a mile past the land…

Riding over the mountains: an expedition to a rodeo wedding

April 24, 2024
Building a Killington Dream Lodge, Part 10 As the ski house we were building in Killington grew, I did, too, from age 7 on up. I entered adolescence and continued helping with various tasks. My latest assignment was pretty exciting compared to repairing our tar paper roof. I climbed a ladder to the top of…

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Crêpe breakfast tradition at sport hill

April 17, 2024
Building a Killington Dream Lodge: Part 9 Dad was on a mission to build our ski lodge so wasn’t thrilled by invitations to escape our Killington work camp. But Mom and I were elated and ready to get off “the reservation” whenever we could. When our friend Ann relayed an invitation from Walter and Emile…

Our friend Ann Wallen, ‘Only in Vermont!’

April 10, 2024
My brother Billie met Ann Wallen when he attended Colton ski camp. Ann was helping out in the kitchen and knew we’d become friends, too. That was the week Dad bought our land under 6 feet of snow from Oren Bates. It was 1958 when Killington was just beginning. When we arrived to begin our…

Mountain Meditation: My double life and nearly opposite parents

April 3, 2024
Building our Killington Dream dream lodge, Part 7 I felt I was living a double life since everything happened Friday through Sunday. Returning to “normalcy” in New Jersey resembled acting in a surreal play. We knew once we crossed the New York State line and entered Vermont, the magic would start. Our weekends were filled…

Challenges and Critters Building our Killington Dream Lodge, Part 6

March 27, 2024
We were making progress on Dad’s Killington dream lodge, but it was slow going with lots of delays, often due to frequent weather changes. Whenever it rained, water leaked onto the floor. When it was bitter cold, ice carpeted the back room. With electricity in our basement at last, extension cords snaked around the room.…

Mountain Meditation: The grand unveiling, midnight surprise and floor show

March 20, 2024
Building our Killington dream lodge, part 6 When the power company man climbed a tree to connect wires to our basement ski lodge, Mom planned a party to celebrate the grand occasion for which we’d been waiting. Mom selected a rectangular table with two benches she’d stashed in our house in Montclair, New Jersey. We…

Mountain Meditation: Our ice skating rink and potbelly stove

March 13, 2024
Building a Killington dream lodge, part 5 Mom and I perfected the art of dressing in bed when it was cold, which was quite often in Vermont’s Green Mountains. We giggled as we wiggled out of and into our clothing. It wasn’t easy, especially for me, inside my narrow mummy sleeping bag. I felt like…

Mountain Meditation: Building a Killington Dream Lodge: Part 4

March 11, 2024
Flat tires, Dad’s right hand tomboy, roof leaks ad infinitum The year Dad bought two acres in Killington was when my older brother, Jack, left home for the University of New Hampshire to study forestry. Our brother Billie played high school football and wasn’t free to join us most weekends. So Mom, Dad, our lab…

The big move from tent to basement

February 21, 2024
Part 3 of a series on building our Killington dream lodge Every weekend and during vacations we fled to Vermont for more adventures while building the ski lodge Dad dreamed of. While residing in our tent in the woods, we cleared the land and leveled the ground, no small achievement in a state made of rock.…

Mountain Meditation: Setting up camp in the frozen north Building our Killington dream lodge, part two

February 15, 2024
Author’s note: This is part two of a series on the Dye family Vermont adventure.  We always arrived in Killington late on our drive from New Jersey on the highways. After winding our way up dark mountain roads, we forded across Roaring Brook (before the bridge was built), rounded the bend, and climbed to the…

Mountain Meditation: Building our Killington dream lodge, Part 1: Vermont or bust

February 7, 2024
Forward: I’ve decided to share my family’s adventures of building our ski house since I was a girl.  For several weeks, I’ll recount in my column early memories of our Killington years. Isn’t it strange while living our lives, we often lose sight of what is special—of people, places, and all that helps to form…

Mountain Meditation: Trickster’s message: Lighten up

January 31, 2024
I haven’t been in touch with Bear Spirit for a while. I thought I’d let him hibernate in peace and quiet. But then I recalled I hadn’t shared all my interaction with the coyote who appeared in person and in spirit right before the snow fell. I entered my Radiant Heavenly Heat Sauna and began…

Mountain Meditation: Think Snow and the Zen mogul flow

January 24, 2024
  When I was 5 my dad taught me to ski on a tiny slope in northern New Jersey. I remember the first time I grabbed a rope tow. I grasped it tightly with mittened hands and catapulted forward above the ground. The snow was soft and it didn’t hurt in spite of doing a…

Mountain meditation: Heed the winds of change

January 17, 2024
“We are stars wrapped in skin. The light you are seeking has always been within,” said Rumi, a  13th-century poet. When winds of change stir up our world, we often feel unsteady and confused. But these strong winds are ushering in a new era for the human race and a new psyche for us. We’re…

Mountain Meditation: There’s something about the mountains 

January 10, 2024
    Mountain Meditation By Margeurite Jill Dye There’s something about the mountains That calms a troubled soul. The air is fresh, the sky is blue, serenity, extolled.   Red foxes, bears and coyotes, squirrels and beaver run, Hunt and play in meadows and fields, On peaks and ledges in fog or sun.   Honking…

Mountain Meditation: Gratitude and goodwill grow blessings in life

January 3, 2024
Mountain Meditation Marguerite Jill Dye   A dear friend of mine keeps a gratitude journal to write down the good things that transpire—like a heart-to-heart talk with a friendly neighbor, a courteous driver, a fall she avoided. Gratitude grows blessings. It’s a high vibration that attracts the same back to it like a magnet. When…