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Cassandra Tyndall’s astrology gives insights on what’s in store for romantic, professional and interpersonal relationships, finances, career advice, when to take a risk and when to play it safe.
She’s studies astrology for over 20 years, teaches internationally and has been published across the globe.
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Truth is revealed through paradoxes

May 22, 2024
Scroll through any social media platform and you’ll notice titles such as “The truth About” Why are these titles so effective when the “truth” shared is merely an opinion? I guess somewhere along the timeline, humans became accustomed to the idea of believing in one thing, one supposed truth, a savior. Let’s be honest, it’s…

Be the lion among the sheep

May 15, 2024
Sometimes, a situation can be so unbelievable, so stark or so out of your comfort zone, that it doesn’t even fully register on your radar that it happened. Even when the blatantly obvious is right under your nose, you still don’t see it. Even when those who know, those who speak from experience, the blind…

A magic in the stillness

May 8, 2024
After the month that was, chances are that by now, you need a little resolve. This week brings one of the most calm and quiet weeks we’ll see in some time. Though collectively, we’ve grown grossly unused to it, there is a magic in the stillness,  in the calm and quiet where nothing seemingly happens.…

Boundary between chaos and order

May 1, 2024
April’s storms were turbulent. Explosions. People losing their heads. Temper tantrums. Life really has been feeling like its straddling the boundary between chaos and order. Chaos can make you feel like you have purpose. Expending rage, for rages sake. Unless you’re still wearing diapers, petulant behavior is rarely a good look. For brief period, the…

A quiet moment amidst the storm

April 24, 2024
As the dust begins to settle upon the chaos that April has been, thus far, don’t be fooled into thinking the storm is over. While the skies are quiet comparatively to what they’ve been, this is simply a chance to calm down, regroup and refocus. In times of war (real or metaphorical), in times of…

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New seeds are planted

April 17, 2024
Arguably 2024’s most dynamic astrological event occurs this week — yes, I remember the Eclipse from last week. But this week, Jupiter and Uranus conjoin in Taurus. Renowned for its exciting, expansive and innovative potential, this combination can also bring turbulence and discomfort, too. You don’t have to be a Taurus to feel this. Somewhere…

A few obstacles to surmount

April 10, 2024
The adage that one door closes while another door opens is one I’m sure you know well. In theory, it sounds viable, practical and even doable. In reality, it doesn’t always feel so pleasant. How do you decide which door to close? How do you know you even want that door to close? If you…

Cosmic Catalogue: Agreement, compromise is unlikely this week

April 3, 2024
Monday morning and a bright new month begins, albeit on the back foot, as with Mercury, the planet of communication, thinking and logistics hits the brakes and heads in reverse. Don’t expect negotiations, agreements or deals to go according to plan. If you don’t get what you want, then you want nothing at all. These…

Cosmic Catalogue: ‘Win’ at all costs?

March 27, 2024
The lunar eclipse this past weekend began a dramatic turning point for events that will only be exacerbated by the upcoming solar eclipse. A full moon in Libra tends to highlight the dynamic of we versus me in relationships. The sun in Aries is individualistic and “me first.” While the full moon in Libra whispers,…

Cosmic Catalogue: Sometimes, refuse to agree

March 20, 2024
There appears to be quite a lot of confusion about what is balanced or about what is fair. What is fair to one person is unfair to the next. What seemed like a fair deal to you once upon a time doesn’t to you now, and vice versa. Who is someone to dictate to you…

Cosmic Catalogue: War of words will ensue

March 13, 2024
With Mercury in Aries and Venus sliding into Pisces this week, it might be easy to think that the tide is changing and everything is different. This isn’t entirely true. With Mercury in Aries for the next two months, arguments, battles and a war of words will ensue. As the fog of recent weeks dissipates,…

Cosmic Catalogue: The abyss of chaos

March 6, 2024
Stepping toward the edge of chaos can feel exhilarating. The thrill. The excitement. The unknown. The rebellion. The breaking of rules. The possibility of anything other than what is. From the edge, you can stare into the abyss of chaos, while staying safely within the realm of what’s known. Chaos can entice and excite. Once…

Cosmic Catalogue: The price of honesty

February 29, 2024
People avoid being honest. There are many reasons for it, most of them go unrecognized. You might think it’s not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Maybe it’s in an attempt to be polite or not rock the boat. It’s also possible that they choose to rationalize it away rather than connecting with what their intuition tells…

Cosmic Catalogue: The price of honesty

February 28, 2024
People avoid being honest. There are many reasons for it, most of them go unrecognized. You might think it’s not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Maybe it’s in an attempt to be polite or not rock the boat. It’s also possible that they choose to rationalize it away rather than connecting with what their intuition tells…

Cosmic Catalogue: Not everyone wants what you want them to have

February 21, 2024
Things start to look a bit different this week. Truths have been revealed and are now exposed to the light. While things are still fractured and in a continuing state of chaos and change, there is an opportunity to see things differently. As the Sun and Mercury move into imaginative Pisces you might be tempted…

Cosmic Catalogue: The battle is for your mind

February 15, 2024
Now that you know something you didn’t know but may have suspected, what do you do about it? Knowledge is linked to light. It allows you to emerge from the dark and see something previously unseen. The question it begs is what now? How do you move forward with this new information? Are you facing…

Cosmic Catalogue: Words at face value

February 7, 2024
Some words, once spoken, can’t be taken back. However, words these days seem to mean whatever people want them to mean. Don’t like a word? Then change the meaning of it. Don’t like its definition? Then take it out of context and manipulate it. Doesn’t fit with feelings? Then demand that others affirm it, even…

Cosmic Catalogue: A bit of an adjustment on perspective

January 31, 2024
January ended very similarly to how it began. Challenges or obstructions to relationships or relating, or even defining your desires and goals for the New Year may have weighed heavy. In order to have one thing, it often means having to say “No” to something else.  To take one side of an issue can appear…

Cosmic Catalogue: What if?

January 24, 2024
Well, it happened. Pluto entered Aquarius over the weekend. Apart from tying up a few loose ends in Capricorn later this year, Pluto — the Great Revealer, will spend the next 20 years reshaping our collective and personal lives. If you’ve found yourself recently deeply questioning the shifting sands of time, then you’re likely on…

Cosmic Catalogue: No turning back 

January 17, 2024
When something is seen, it can’t be unseen. When something is known, it can’t be unknown. Some words, once spoken, can’t be taken back.  This week brings something truly unique. Something that in years to come, may turn out to be your “sliding doors” moment. It may be something you see, speak or hear. For…