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The Movie Diary
October 5, 2018

School is in session

By Dom Cioffi We’re only a month into the school year and I’ve already found myself at a parent/teacher conference. Nothing bad has happened with our teenage son, but my…

The Movie Diary
September 13, 2018

Life in the fast lane

By Dom Cioffi I spent this past week in Boston. I was there with a couple of my coworkers attending a marketing conference. Our goal was to pick up some…

The Movie Diary
August 30, 2018

Band on the run

By Dom Cioffi Back in college, one of my roommates was in a band that became fairly popular around campus. They played gigs throughout our four-year tenure and enjoyed a…

The Movie Diary
August 17, 2018

Beyond the sea

By Dom Cioffi At the age of 7 or 8, I boarded my first commercial airline flight. It was February and I was headed to Florida with my mother to…

The Movie Diary
July 26, 2018

Sending my love

By Dom Cioffi My teenage son just finished his third week of military camp. Next weekend, after a month away, we will return to the campus to pick him up…

The Movie Diary
July 20, 2018

Slipping into form

By Dom Cioffi As of this past weekend, my son has reached the mid-way point in his month-long stay at a summer military camp. His mother and I struggled with…

The Movie Diary
July 12, 2018

Breaking the spell

By Dom Cioffi So, as I outlined in last week’s column, prior to the start of the summer break, my wife and I made the decision to send our teenage…

The Movie Diary
June 28, 2018

Armed and dangerous

By Dom Cioffi I realized the other day that my son is roughly the same age that I was when I first started mowing lawns. That thought frightened me. I…

The Movie Diary
June 27, 2018

You’re ‘It’

By Dom Cioffi Now that the school year is officially over, I’m determined to make sure my son is going to be suitably active for the summer break. Left to…