Column, Money Matters

Student loan forgiveness

By Kevin Theissen You may have heard that the Biden administration announced it was forgiving five-figure loan amounts to as many as 43 million federal college loan borrowers. Also noteworthy was the announcement that it would be extending its loan repayment […]

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Column, Movie Diary

Gone but not forgotten

I know it was January because it was after the holidays and I was returning a gift to a local sporting goods store. That was nine months ago; that’s how long this mystery has lasted. I had received a golf […]

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Column, Local News

Aim to age gratefully

By Liz DiMarco Weinmann My recent Mountain Times feature, “For Your Own Good, Have a Plan,” prompted a bemused request from friends over 70 who are socially active, engaged in community causes, and grateful to be traveling again: “So, what’s […]

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Column, The Outside Story

Splitting the air

The unexpected chemistry of lightning By Kenrick Vezina To say that lightning “splits” the sky is no mere poetry. A single stroke contains about one billion joules of energy, roughly 280 kilowatt-hours of electricity, and could power a modern American […]

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