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Venus backtracking

By Cassandra Tyndall

During a week that represents family, celebration and the honoring of various faiths and traditions, it’s one of the most intense weeks of the year, astrologically speaking.

Venus, the planet of love, romance and harmony hits the brakes and backtracks through the sign of Capricorn. As she does, she’ll make a second connection, to the sky’s dark lord, Pluto, on Christmas Day. This continuing cycle, until late January, is likely to unearth secrets, transform relationships and reveal new desires. You might recognize what no longer works within a relationship or family dynamic. Coming to the conclusion that you might no longer want what you once did is also possible. That said, the opportunity to face things with honesty and integrity can help change, heal and renew sugar-coated connections or false traditions.

2021’s signature influence of Saturn square Uranus peaks once again, emphasizing the tension between what’s old and what’s new. For some, this will represent the opportunity to bask in the familiar and unchanged, the safe and certain, while for others, anything that feels restrictive or limiting may catapult you towards the risky, the exciting and the liberating. 

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