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The new cycle

By Cassandra Tyndall

The configurations that lit up the first two weeks of July featured some of the toughest astrology of 2021. This week offers a renewal and re-emergence after last weekend’s powerful and reflective Cancer New Moon.
A new cycle between Venus and Mars begins as they fuse in the sign of Leo, marking the completion of a nearly two-year Venus/Mars cycle. Together, these relational planets can help you forge ahead courageously, envisioning and enacting your dreams and passions for the future.
When you get a chance, notice these two stars — one brilliant and sparkly and the other a luminous red — come together in the western evening sky with the sliver of the silver Moon.
The word consider literally means to observe the stars. Seeing these three heavenly bodies may help you decide which connections to value, cherish and keep close and alternatively, what may need to be cut away or severed in order for you to fully express yourself.
A big part of 2021 is figuring out what areas of your life simply need a renovation, versus what needs a complete demolition and rebuild. If you feel your creativity, positive self-expression and your own authenticity is being compromised, you may experience new outlets or new outlooks emerge.

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