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Stop the hustle

By Cassandra Tyndall

Do you remember when the concept of glorifying the hustle was extremely popular? You’d hear about it in lyrics in popular music. You’d see everywhere on social media. If you weren’t hustling or grinding 24/7, it was believed you were destined for failure.

That said, some people thrive on that energy and I admire them for it. Though I do wonder what it costs them. Minimal quality time with family, lack of sleep, constantly running on adrenaline and lacking inner peace. Oh, and then there are the wrinkles around the eyes that deepen before they’re due. 

This week, rather than hustling your way toward an outcome, may I humbly suggest aligning yourself with it. Easier said than done, it’s true. It’s a bit like a moment, briefly frozen in time before deciding or doing something, allowing you to ask yourself whether said thing feels good to you or not. 

This week may remind you when it comes to making choices, you have the right to feel good about them. If in doubt, then pause. Sometimes, when you do nothing, a lightbulb moment or a flash of insight arrives you couldn’t have experienced while in the grind. 

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