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Something isn’t right

For several months now, there has been a bright shining star in the Western horizon in the evening. That star is Venus and she’s the star to keep an eye on now. Reason being, she’s going to be taking a longer than usual journey through the sign of Leo. Instead of her usual month-long visit, Venus arrives in Leo on  June 5 and she’ll stay there until October. 

There are many twists and turns to these Venus chronicles in the upcoming months, but this week, you may recognize that something isn’t right. It doesn’t matter how much you ignore it or hope that it will get better or even go away, some monsters need to be faced head on in order to defeat them. 

These monsters are likely to involve how you might have given your power away in a certain situation. How you thought you were doing the right thing or even the good thing, but now all of that could be called into question. 

There is no immediate answer or even a solution, but it might be worth reflecting on how you gave your power or sovereignty away. 

What you valued, you made vulnerable and buyer’s remorse may be kicking in.

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