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Prepare for both the sweet and salty

Mercury is the most active planet this week, highlighting what may be a flurry of ideas or information, and in some cases, too many options to make a hard decision about. In just over a week, Mercury will hit the brakes and embark upon another retrograde phase. The upside to this is that you’ll get more time and more options to explore. The downside is, that right now, if you want a clear-cut answer or a solution of some kind, you may get it, though it’s likely to change down the track.

In other news, one of the most potent and uplifting planetary alignments happens this week as Venus and Jupiter join forces in Pisces. You may experience a flood of support, compassion or a hopeful feeling that things may turn out better than you imagine. There is a caveat though, and that’s a Solar Eclipse in Venus-ruled Taurus. Thus, things may not be as they seem  — for better or for worse. And with Mercury preparing for his trickster phase,this week could be infused with both sweet and pleasurable delights with a side of salty bitterness. Remain open to the possibility that everything — or nothing, may happen

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