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Opportunities, once hidden, become illuminated

By Cassandra Tyndall

One of the signature themes of 2020 is the fusion, known astrologically as a conjunction, of Jupiter and Pluto that occurs three times. The first was in April, then June and the third time will be November.

Together, Jupiter and Pluto signify many things, some of which can be great wealth, hidden opportunities and the tendency for small things to become enlarged and for large things to be reduced.

The effect of this can be polarizing.

On the macro level, massive amounts of money have been moved globally, on the micro, the everyday person may be feeling the pinch. Industries and businesses that would otherwise fold during a global pandemic are thriving and those that were thought to be rock solid, no longer are.

This week, the sun lights up both Jupiter and Pluto, illuminating what’s been hidden. As the shadows pave way to the light, something that was beyond your grasp before, may now be within reach.

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