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New Moon brings changes

By Cassandra Tyndall

If you’ve been contemplating making some changes in your life, such as health, fitness or wellness, or if you just need to get organized — then this is a great week to do so!

A brilliant New Moon in Virgo is turbocharged by electric Uranus and may help inspire a new vision for the future. Perhaps there’s a problem you need to tackle that could lead to a lightbulb moment, a breakthrough or welcome change of pace. 

This new idea or plan may turn out to be some kind of monumental undertaking. That said, you’ll be fired up with energy, determination and drive. 

Under the New Moon, one of the sky’s most fortunate alignments between Venus and Jupiter will support connection, togetherness and growth. A new optimistic outlook could help you make the most of a relationship situation, lean into collaboration or support or make the most of a lucky break or chance.

This New Moon will plant the proverbial seed that will blossom over the next couple of months. So if things don’t seem to be gaining traction, don’t stress too much about it. Mishaps are likely to turn out to be blessings in disguise.

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