On May 1, 2024

Boundary between chaos and order

April’s storms were turbulent. Explosions. People losing their heads. Temper tantrums. Life really has been feeling like its straddling the boundary between chaos and order. Chaos can make you feel like you have purpose. Expending rage, for rages sake. Unless you’re still wearing diapers, petulant behavior is rarely a good look.

For brief period, the storm cell shifts direction. The gentle spring fuses with the fixed. Stability, gentleness and certain kind of serenity is available. Do you choose the storm or do you choose the cow? Peaceful, gentle and fecund energy is now on offer. Choose it.

While the storm cell has shifted direction, it will circle back again. You see, April’s astrology was a microcosm of what 2025 and beyond looks like. Clutch your pearls at the thought, but hey, I’m just the messenger here.
As you frolic in the fields, chewing your cud, turn your face toward the sunshine. Observe the wild flowers, the green pastures as the gentle breeze cools your back. Run your fingers through the tall grass just like Maximus Decimus Meridius did in Gladiator. Do enjoy this moment of serenity, but do not grow complacent. The mightiest warrior knows that storm cell on the horizon isn’t always as far away as it appears.

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