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Move with intention


Now that Jupiter is in Taurus, things just, well, feel different. The urge to pull inwards, to slow down and to reassess ones’ big picture perspective invites new philosophies and beliefs. 

To be honest, we also had the chance to do this to a similar degree while Jupiter was in Pisces. The problem with that cycle, it was interrupted by Aries, so it didn’t quite feel as it otherwise would have. That said, it was still a time to heal, process and still move forward. 

Not this time, though.

This is a cycle about moving slowly, but with intention. The sign of Taurus is renowned for its stubbornness. In my opinion, Taurus is just unapologetically unwavering about what she knows to be right for her. So, with that in mind, do you know what’s right for you? Do you know what you deeply value, believe in and what you’re willing to burn the boats for? And I’m not talking about the reactionary click bait or the call to follow whatever the next “in” thing is. I’m talking about what’s deeply inside you that you’d never be willing to compromise on and if that thing were to be, what would you do to fight for it?

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