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More self care may be needed this week

By Cassandra Tyndall

Emotions may run high this week, as feelings from the past may resurface. At the best of times, a Full Moon can already be dramatic, emotional and intense. As this particular silver circle will face off with the power planet, Pluto, themes of trust, manipulation and control are likely to become increasingly apparent. 

The Full Moon brings light to what is usually otherwise unseen or hidden. As you become privy to what is concealed, you could reach a turning point in a confusing or uncertain situation. With both communication planet Mercury and harmonizing Venus in reverse, it may be difficult to find common ground or a solution straight away. Rather than let the confusion get to you, allow any difficult feelings be your cue to nurture yourself or indulge in much needed TLC. If you cannot find comfort and care in the usual places, then it may be up to you to practice self-reliance or be your own source of nurturing and protection. Straddling the fine line between vulnerability and trust with caution and self-preservation may be difficult. 

Whatever happens, pay attention to how you feel this week. It may give a clue to what the next 18 months might mean for you.

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