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Marijuana can be harmful to your pets

The Rutland County Humane Society (RCHS) would like pet owners to be aware of the risks of marijuana use. While marijuana may produce pleasurable affects in people, for pets, the substance can be dangerous and even lethal.

Though marijuana use is not new, its use for recreational purposes is more recent, and the increased accessibility to the drug has led to an increase in accidental exposure in pets. THC, the chemical that gives marijuana its high, is toxic to pets and can cause vomiting, mild incontinence, incoordination, depression, sleepiness or excitability, low blood pressure, low body temperature and seizures. Death is rare, but a few cases have been reported.

Edibles are of particular concern, as they often contain other ingredients that can also be problematic, such as chocolate or artificial sweeteners. For the safety of your pets, you can think of it as a prescription medication that you want to keep out of their reach, so they don’t get sick.

If you suspect that your pet has consumed or been exposed to marijuana, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

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