Listen, don’t speak, this week

By Cassandra Tyndall

We are currently traveling through the eclipse portal. This is the time between eclipses. The first lunar eclipse happened last week, and the following one, a total solar eclipse, happens mid-month. As a usual cosmic quirk, this time is renowned for being exceptionally quiet in the sky. It’s as if the sky is trying to tell us something, without saying much at all. On terra-firma, when dealing with people, we know that no response is actually a response.

This week, it’s the unspoken that will, in fact, give you all the information you need. The challenge is, are you patient enough to listen? Will you be satisfied with the answer?

There is an element of hiddenness or even deception that is possible now. This could be related to your work, your relationships or any other negotiations you’re entering into. Is it possible that you may even be deceiving yourself?

The difference between fact and fiction will be increasingly tricky to navigate now. Your best bet, if you smell a proverbial rat, is to do nothing. Whatever situation you find yourself in this week, you might find some benefit from a tried and tested sales technique. When striking a deal, especially involving money, the first who speaks, loses.

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