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Hone your focus

By Cassandra Tyndall

A New Moon in Scorpio this week can intensify your drive, determination and focus toward an important goal. With Mars, the ruler of this lunation, also in Scorpio, it will be easier for you to double down on your choices and actions. You might notice one area of your life grabs a lot of your attention!

As you hone your focus — nose to the grindstone style — a breakthrough could arrive. New revelations could prompt you to switch up your direction, explore things from a new angle or simply have a change of heart. 

As always when the sign of Scorpio is emphasized, it pays to be strategic and careful. Double down too much and you won’t see the options that become available to you. If you don’t double down enough, you could miss an important detail or make an oversight that you might obsess over. Be aware the skies are shifting focus under this New Moon as both Mercury and Venus change signs. You may need to keep your cards close to your chest until you get more information or an important conversation with someone special is had.

Whatever happens this week, tread carefully and with intention!

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