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Encountering karmic closures

By Cassandra Tyndall

Themes of travel, faith and philosophy may be stirred under this week’s Solar Eclipse. This New Moon intertwined with karmic closures or completion may signal profound changes around your beliefs or sense of self-confidence. You may be less inclined toward outer-worldly achievements as you put your energy and efforts toward something that intrinsically inspires you. 

In ancient times, eclipses were frightening omens. Especially under a Solar Eclipse, the light of the Sun is temporarily blocked by the light of the Moon. Thus, you might need to trust your instincts and intuition as your main source of light, truth, knowledge or wisdom. Though the Eclipse itself occurs on Dec. 4, see this as another installment of an ongoing storyline.

As this Eclipse signals the end of an 18-month cycle, you might like to reflect on how your outlook and perspectives have changed since May 2020. Physical energy may be low as you grapple with new information and figure out in your own heart and mind what is truth to you. A tense angle from Mars to Jupiter highlights what is worth putting your energy behind as well as to what to leave behind.

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