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Drawing the line

We all have our limits with certain things. Some people might call those boundaries. I like to call them non-negotiables. Try as we might to be fluid and flexible or in some instances, appear nonchalant, things can get under one’s skin. Something you once saw from a logical standpoint may now feel sensitive or emotional and chances are this week, a proverbial line needs to be drawn in the sand.
Now that Venus has changed signs, circumstances have changed. Last week’s eclipse may have brought emotions to a tipping point, to the point of no return.
Try as you might to broker a deal, enter into mediations or deal in facts, the heart wants what it wants and what it wanted before is likely to be different than now. In fact, much is different post eclipse and as the dust is slowly settling, you may be able to see a pathway that once seemed impossible to you. While the road may be opening, it still takes an act of courage or even rebellion to embark upon it.
Pay no mind to the person who said the grass is always greener on the other side. Sounds like they simply weren’t brave enough to take a risk and find out for themselves if that were true!

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