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Discipline will be required

By Cassandra Tyndall

As far as April goes, this is one of the more challenging weeks of the month. As Mars and Saturn come together, it will require discipline and focus to overcome obstacles and get things done. These two planets, while not astrology’s golden children, aren’t all bad either. If a certain situation in your life is weighing you down, Mars can help you make a decisive choice and cut something away or redefine the boundaries. As a two-year Mars / Saturn cycle ends and another one begins, consider the goals you’d like to accomplish in the not-too-distant future.

Fresh from its fusion with the Sun, Mercury begins its journey into the evening star phase. As it does, Mercury will form connections with Mars, Saturn as well as the other planetary heavyweight, Pluto. Mercury in Aries tends to be brutally honest rather than playing word games. Combined, the energy of this week prompts you to be honest with yourself, with someone else or regarding a certain situation. If you hold back or resist this invitation, chances are, you’ll be stuck exactly where you are for a while longer yet. Things look a lot better next week, but may be dependent on how well you face reality.

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