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Darkest Before the Dawn

It’s darkest before dawn. This week brings the crescendo of the current eclipse season with a Scorpio Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse. Not only does this eclipse round out the current season, it’s also the last Scorpio eclipse we’ll see in about a decade.
In any form of healing, whether that be physical, emotional or spiritual, most of the time things tend to get worse before they get better. That’s because very few things grow in the dark. This week may bring a painful, yet cathartic reveal as the Full Scorpio Moon dredges up old emotions or past pain. This isn’t intended to make you feel miserable, but any wound only heals once it is cleaned from the inside out. Do the reverse and remnants remain, left to fester and rot. 

Attached to the South Node and ruled by Mars in Cancer, this eclipse may feel like some form of celestial surgery where it’s not until you take the scalpel, you realize how deep things have got. It’s one last purge before you begin to feel better. Whether it’s a topic in your personal life or you’re looking at the world right now and asking questions you thought you’d never ask, remember, it’s always darkest before dawn.

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