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Cosmic Catalogue: ‘Win’ at all costs?

The lunar eclipse this past weekend began a dramatic turning point for events that will only be exacerbated by the upcoming solar eclipse.

A full moon in Libra tends to highlight the dynamic of we versus me in relationships. The sun in Aries is individualistic and “me first.” While the full moon in Libra whispers, “What about us?” When it comes to relationships, it’s more than just the two people involved; it’s person 1, person 2, and the third entity, the relationship itself. 

As this eclipse is attached to the South Node, tact, diplomacy, and compromise aren’t going to be easy feats. A win-at-all costs mentality is likely. Some relationships, entities, or ways of being simply aren’t meant to last forever. Sometimes, walking away with grace and keeping your decorum in tact is best for everyone, especially yourself. In this day and age of binary thinking, where you’re either with us or against us, agreeing to disagree is a novel and noble stance. 

Separation and loss may be unavoidable. Keep your head held high, even if tears well within your eyes. Keep your upper lip stiff, even if you’re dying to speak. Maintain your dignity. Close the door. Walk away.

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