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Cosmic Catalogue: Thinly veiled


The veil between the worlds is thin right now, in more ways than one. For some, what’s been behind the smoke and mirrors for some time has been obvious and apparent. While for others, oblivion continues.

Either willfully ignorant or easily led, why can’t you see? 

The astrology of the moment does make it hard to see both sides of an equation. To obtain what is right, just and true will eventually arrive, but not without extreme effort or sacrifice. An eye for an eye makes us both blind in some beliefs. For others, the sacrifice of an eye is the gateway to sacred knowledge.

It doesn’t matter what your opinions or beliefs are because they are yours and yours alone. They are designed to be a source of spiritual nourishment, a lighthouse in the dark. Right now, you’re being invited to stretch yourself toward another point of view, another perspective. As I mentioned last week, high tides raise all boats. As Saturn stations, the tide will turn and the waters rise. You can choose to show grace and build an ark of love or you can fall deep into the Great Below. 

Question everything. Let your humanity find the answer.

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