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Cosmic Catalogue: The battle is for your mind

Now that you know something you didn’t know but may have suspected, what do you do about it? Knowledge is linked to light. It allows you to emerge from the dark and see something previously unseen. The question it begs is what now? How do you move forward with this new information?

Are you facing a surmountable challenge or a deeply ingrained circle of fear? You may be tempted to dredge up historical data in replace of a sword and shield but, will that help you in the long run?

The past has passed and some issues really do need to be buried, once and for all. However, with Pluto’s recent shift, there’s a new battle ground for power dynamics, manipulation and control.

The battle is now for your mind. How much more propaganda will it take before you’ve lost your moral compass? To know what is right and true? Can you face your cognitive dissonance and admit that maybe you had it wrong? Maybe you were right. If so, remain humble. Don’t lose your heart or sever the ties that can be the bridge toward a return to joy and happiness.

Take the high road, just don’t be naive.

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