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Cosmic Catalogue: Sometimes, refuse to agree

There appears to be quite a lot of confusion about what is balanced or about what is fair. What is fair to one person is unfair to the next. What seemed like a fair deal to you once upon a time doesn’t to you now, and vice versa. Who is someone to dictate to you what is fair in the first place? Though dictate, they do!

This week, you’re invited to consider what an acceptable level of balance looks like for you. It doesn’t have to be 50/50. Maybe it’s 70/30 now and 30/70 some other time. The point is that it’s YOU who have to be happy with the deal. If someone else is trying to dictate the terms of what you should accept, tolerate, or even think or say, give yourself permission to say enough is enough.

If you compromise on your sovereignty and freedom now, you’ll likely not get them back. Sometimes, the best way to reach an agreement is to refuse to agree. Stand your ground. Speak your mind. Gain respect. Let the pendulum go further than you’d like it to go in order for it to eventually find its own equilibrium.

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