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Cosmic Catalogue: Move forward


The last Full Moon at the end of August, certainly brought things to an emotional climax. Since then, it’s been about assessing the damage as the dust slowly settles. New boundaries and limits meant new rules about communication, logistics and planning.

As emotions shifted and new desires emerged, September so far has been about figuring out how to move forward into unchartered territory. Fortunately, this week brings the annual Virgo New Moon which is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, detoxify and declutter. This could be in a practical sense, such as deep cleaning your home or office. Or, it could be in an emotional setting where you finally feel ready to start anew.
At the same time, Mercury hits the brakes and moves in a forward direction yet again. As recent confusion, crossed wires and delays become clear, you’ll be ready to start over in a particular area of life. Armed with new information, you’ll be ready to move forward with confidence, after a peak period of uncertainty that has clouded the space weather since late July.
If there was any week to finally put the past behind you to move forward, it’s this one!

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