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Cosmic Catalogue: Hold your peace or speak up 


Stunning progress and resolutions that have been blocked, delayed or beyond frustrating may, all of a sudden, reach a conclusion as September turns into October. This might involve receiving a piece of news or information that helps uplift and inspire you to keep pushing forward. A tricky situation or a complex problem since late August may turn around through an act of good faith. You might be the lucky recipient of help or support or you find yourself in a position to assist someone else.
I’ve said in many circles now that we are in the season of divorce. A Full Moon in Aries illuminates the tail of the week, making the art of compromise increasingly challenging, while the art of making enemies seemingly easy. While this Full Moon is more a suggestion of an eclipse than an eclipse itself, it will most certainly be a flashpoint in any partnership already experiencing stormy weather. This week may be about discovering the gumption to walk the path of conflict even if that means upsetting the apple cart. The peace you think you’re maintaining in the short term may ultimately be creating irreconcilable conflict in the long term. If you cannot forever hold your peace, speak up now.



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