Cosmic catalogue

Connection is in the stars

It’s not easy to explain the significance of this week in around two hundred words. What will be significant though is the fact that Saturn’s arrival in Pisces is an event not seen since 1993. 

Thus, the collective energies are set to shift in a noticeable way as the planet of rules, regulations and boundaries moves into the softer, more compassionate waters of Pisces. This small pocket of time will also open the floodgates into a renaissance of sorts, where the meaning and magic of being human will become explored and embodied. The songs will stir the soul. The art will inspire. The kisses will taste sweeter. The connection and healing available may mend the most broken of hearts and the most fractured communities. 

Rather than being focused on otherworldly achievement, it will be life’s intangibles that cannot be quantified or measured, even by the most sophisticated AI technology, that will determine your joy and abundance now. To delve into the magical, the mystical, to commune with the spirits, to dance around the trees, to spend more time with those you love, to get to know the souls of your neighbors more deeply rather than being strangers to you is the cosmic task now. 

Ignore it at your peril.

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