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Benevolence is in the air

By Cassandra Tyndall

Recently, I’ve been spending time wondering how life might look if society wasn’t driven by the need to make money. Where the time we spent each day was doing things we loved, with those we love. There would be no rush to get to places on time. No traffic to contend with. Just time and space to fill our hearts and minds with wonder. To develop deeper spiritual practices. To look up from our screens and at the magic and mystery of being alive on this planet. Imagine if the Earth took us in her arms, nurtured us, protected us and provided for every physical need. Well, it does, actually — but that’s for another day.

This week, we do have some sublime astrology to add a little icing (that’s Australian for frosting) to the cake. As our two most fortunate planets, Venus and Jupiter, form the most harmonious of connections, we have the chance to lean into the happiness, harmony and joy that’s all around us. In the emotional signs of Cancer and Pisces respectively, we’re invited to dive into our feelings, our bodies and the simple pleasure of life. When you tap into the benevolence these planets offer, you’ll notice more benevolence, so spread it around.

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  1. Thank you Cassandra ☺️. A lovely message – spread benevolence everywhere!

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