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Cosmic Catalogue: Agreement, compromise is unlikely this week

Monday morning and a bright new month begins, albeit on the back foot, as with Mercury, the planet of communication, thinking and logistics hits the brakes and heads in reverse.

Don’t expect negotiations, agreements or deals to go according to plan. If you don’t get what you want, then you want nothing at all. These could be the terms you bring to the table. In “me-first” Aries, the terms are likely to be one-sided, yet from an honest standpoint. Seeing a situation from another point of view is the first step towards a successful negotiation. Compromise isn’t written in the stars for some time to come.

To make matters worse, the planet most capable of compromise moves from her most supreme position to her least. You may realize that in some instances, you simply have to put your own needs first. The optics of this position can make you appear like the bad guy. The beauty of a planet in its technical position of being in detriment is knowing how bad things sometimes have to get before they get better. Life isn’t always in perfect harmony and balance. The battle isn’t always the good fight, but it’s the right one nonetheless. Your mission is to step up and face that.

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