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A storm brewing

By Cassandra Tyndall

There’s a storm brewing through the week, as a rare alignment takes place between Mars and Neptune. Happening just once every two years, its influence may leave you feeling dazed and confused or simply overwhelmed. Focus and determination may make way for imagination, dream and enchantment.
Mars works best with laser-point precision, while Neptune prefers blurred lines and oceanic discombobulation. As these two planets are pitted against each other this week, it may be worth your while to not fight the tide, but rather ride the wave whatever direction it takes you.
The essence of Mars is to defend and protect. You may discover what is worth fighting for as well as what you might need to surrender. Not every battle is worth fighting, though sometimes you need to hold the line. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. However, there is a fine line between fighting for what’s right versus being a martyr.
In a world filled with various versions of truth, sometimes you need to loosen your boundaries in order to draw the line. This week provides the perfect astrological alignments to assist you in finding an eye in the proverbial storm.

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