On March 6, 2024

Cosmic Catalogue: The abyss of chaos

Stepping toward the edge of chaos can feel exhilarating. The thrill. The excitement. The unknown. The rebellion. The breaking of rules. The possibility of anything other than what is. From the edge, you can stare into the abyss of chaos, while staying safely within the realm of what’s known.

Chaos can entice and excite. Once the step is taken and the choice is made, there is no turning back. Feet first, you’ve entered into the abyss of chaos. Like a riptide, it matters not how good a swimmer you are because it will drag you wherever it wants you to go.

Before you know it, you’re drowning. Staring at the abyss of chaos from the bottom rather than the edge. It is easier to extract yourself from the edge than it is the bottom.

Whether the chaos is what you want, the chaos you’re curious about or the chaos you cannot resist, it’s a risk.

Is it risk with matters of the heart? Do you step toward the edge of the chaos and confusion, risking your heart being ripped from your ribs? Will it be crushed and discarded? Will it be cherished and revered like the precious jewel it is?

Sometimes the greatest risk is to take no risk at all…

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