On January 10, 2024

Cosmic Catalogue: Dream it, feel it

As the New Year begins to show signs of its promise, it will be easy to get carried away. The energy of 2024 is absolutely palpable. It’s electric and exciting! What has been stuck will become unstuck in sudden and unexpected ways. But… it’s still early days. 

While you may have your mission in mind, it’s still vital to keep your troops on the ground. In other words, what action are you taking to make this mission manifest? Are you just dreaming, scheming and hoping? Don’t get me wrong, the process of anything seemingly impossible has to come from a place of a little bit of insanity. Dare though, you must. Dare to dream, to wonder and to imagine. For what kind of life is it if you’re unwilling to chase a butterfly or two? Sure, you may miss one and that would be sad. Oh, but the exquisite joy of one fluttering in your hand.

This week, give some thought to the proverbial butterfly you want to catch. Visualize it. Dream it. Feel it. Don’t be so naive however, to think that in order to obtain something you desire, it won’t require some strategic and focused effort on your behalf.

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