On December 30, 2023

Visualization empowers New Year’s resolutions

By Marguerite Jill Dye

We were elated to spend several days with our grandchildren just before Christmas. I am always in awe of how young ones, unencumbered, mold the world to their liking. Our grandson Silas’ enthusiasm is so far reaching he engages total strangers in collaborative activities. He also initiates grown up conversations that leave adults amazed he is 8 years old. His compassion and insights are profound. He’s a natural philosopher-psychologist.

His little sister Cora goes full speed ahead with determination and iron will. She commands and directs what she wants into shape. Both children move mountains and make the sun shine. They state their wishes and the Universe responds. Silas and Cora are masters of the Law of Attraction in creating their lives.

I told Silas he could replace New Year’s resolutions with visualizations of all he hopes to do this year. He said, “No, Gammy. Nothing can deter me from writing my resolutions for 2024.”

Renowned psychologist Wayne Dyer often spoke and wrote about “The Power of Intention.” Esther Hicks channels the spirit of Abraham on “The Law of Attraction.” (Both are books and the authors’ talks can be heard on YouTube).

Exciting new brain discoveries show what philosophers and mystics have known for millennia, that visualizing creates new realities. What we think and focus upon takes on a life of its own. Through focused thought and meditation, the brain becomes a manifesting powerhouse.

Raising one’s mood from a low vibe feeling to a higher one is imperative because like attracts like and feelings attract those vibrating at a similar wave length. Whatever we feel works like a magnet, bringing more of the same back to us—whether anger and bitterness, or love and forgiveness. The Law of Attraction Emotional Scale helps inform so we can raise our emotional vibrations with intention (thelawofattraction.com).

When we imagine what we most desire and feel what it’s like to have achieved it, the visualization and feeling help transform our dream into becoming. It’s like making a movie, then replaying each detail until it becomes second nature. Then sequences can be replayed in real time. Olympic athletes use this method to ensure success in their sports competitions.

Another helpful key in manifesting change is to describe and write down every detail which helps a dream take on real form. Julia Cameron (author of “The Artist’s Way”) recommends writing three morning pages first thing to clear out the mind’s clutter and soon begin accessing hidden thoughts, dreams and goals. This has inspired umpteen creative works and helped transform myriad lives.

Self-hypnosis and/or meditation can also implant new attitudes and behaviors in our minds. First, I count down from 10 with deep breaths, then imagine an elevator, which I enter. Each stop going up, the door opens up and a voice announces a new action or practice to replace what I don’t want. I’ve used this method to instill new habits for healthy eating (i.e. fruit, not sweets), to take more walks and exercise. I’ve also used it to replace worries with more positive thoughts. Some find it useful in helping overcome a variety of addictive behaviors.

Our imaginations can help us dream like Einstein did and modern visionaries do. Each one of us has the power to change our life by choosing what we think about. The New Year is here and isn’t it time to wake up our inner visionary?

Marguerite Jill Dye is a writer and artist who divides her time between Vermont and Florida.

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