On November 15, 2023

Mountain Meditation : Bear cave wisdom

I sit in a semi lotus position in the Bear Cave, seeking solace to quiet and comfort my anxious racing mind.

I know I have come to a place of tranquility, knowledge and wisdom gained over eons. I close my eyes and simply breathe.

I am transported to a winter wonderland with glittering ice and deep pristine snow. Treetops are drizzled in vanilla icing and Planet Earth cake is covered in frosting. My feet crunch into the crusty whiteness. I teeter-totter en route to the cave, dig out the opening, then crawl inside. The den is packed with snoring bears—mothers, adolescents and adorable cubs. My bear friend awakens and nods at me, then extracts himself from claws, arms and legs. He follows me out to the snow-covered ground, then rubs his eyes and looks around.

“How majestic winter is! It’s a pity to miss it, while hibernating or migrating south where seasons change so very little. Don’t you miss the glittering whiteness against the clear blue winter sky?” asked Bear.

“I love the beauty—it is true—atop mountains, in forests and woods. I’ve always loved skiing and making snow angels, but the cold no longer agrees with my bones,” I replied.

“It is possible to adjust to the cold although, I admit, my fur’s warmer than your skin!”

“I also love the glittering water, warm temperatures, and colorful flowers we enjoy in the South,” I admitted.

“Perhaps there is a compromise—a bit longer up north in your family’s Vermont homestead then travels away, wherever you wish.”

“Yes. That will be perfect—if my eyes cooperate—otherwise it’s too challenging an adjustment.”

“Do not make plans out of fear and dread,” Bear reminded me. “Think ahead of what you desire. Then move forward in positivity and in faith. Take the plunge. That’s how to begin.”

“Thank you, dear Bear. You’re my new friend for life.”

“I’ve been here for a while, but now you’re ready.”

“Ripeness is all…I’m ready for what?” I asked.

“To begin your in-depth Spirit communication.”

“With animals?”

“Yes, in part, but we are One, communicating the oneness.”

I ponder Bear’s message. What might it mean? It’s amazing I’m 72 years of age and still trying to figure out my place in this world. In relationship to nature, I feel at home, but not regarding human chaos and disruption. I think I remember, deep inside, our natural existence in what I call Heaven… learning, growing and enriching our souls. Here on Earth, we’re spiritual beings experiencing what it is to be human. But life on Earth is an illusion (according to “The Book of Miracles”). Our spiritual state is our natural one. I often long for that state of being.

Even our 8-year-old philosopher-grandson confided “it’s so hard living on Earth.”

I think I’ll share with him what Bear said: “Think ahead of what you desire. Then move forward in positivity and in faith.”

We all have the power to create our own life.

Marguerite Jill Dye is a writer and artist who divides her time between Vermont and Florida.

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