On March 31, 2021

Trust your gut

By Cassandra Tyndall

I’m not sure exactly when, how, or even why it happened, but somewhere along the course of history it was decided that intuition was to be questioned and linear logical thinking was superior.

That being said, how many times have you second guessed your own sixth sense, only to be proven wrong? Can you say the same thing of the occasions where the reverse was true? Personally, I don’t recall a time where I relied completely on the numbers despite my inner guidance and ended up in front!

When it comes to the truth, it generally reveals itself somewhere in between the science and the art. Whether you’re a fact-finder or you’re the type to allow synchronicities, signs and symbols reveal themselves to you, it all takes time. In either case, if you rush the process, you won’t get the truth you’re seeking.

Whatever piece of information, data or fact you’re waiting to be revealed to you, it will be important to surrender to the process of it. Many things of this world have been made to go faster and for longer, making the virtue of delayed gratification all but lost. This week, the more patience you have, the more information will reveal itself.

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