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Wanting more


This week brings a new astrological landscape which is set to shift priorities, plans and dreams. The question begs, what does abundance mean to you? How do you define wealth? Have you even taken the time to figure out what kind of life you actually want to lead? Are you living with meaning and purpose? Are you stuck on a default setting that is determined by family, culture or even necessity and attempt to call that happiness?

The pace of life begins to slow down dramatically this week as Jupiter moves into slow, steady and fecund Taurus for a whole twelve months. So if you too find yourself dragging your feet when it comes to timelines, deadlines or keeping up with how things once were, then you’re right where you’re meant to be. 

As the last gasps of capitalism attempt to drain what’s left from the collective psyche, you might realize there has to be something  more. And by more, I don’t necessarily mean more money, more success or more glass ceilings to smash through. More often than not, the real abundance is the simplicity, rather than the complexity of life. Take greater joy from tending the field of your own life and what matters to you and watch it blossom.

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