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Venus is retrograde again

By Cassandra Tyndall

The New Year starts much like the old one ended, with Venus retrograde, or in reverse motion. Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed a shift in your priorities, what’s important to you and what and with whom you spend your time.

Venus retrograde is a deeply personal cycle and this particular iteration closes a chapter that began around the same time in 2013-2014. You might recognize just how much you’ve grown since then, how much more mature or empowered you’ve become.

If you haven’t that’s totally ok, too! Venus retrograde can put all your feelings and relational patterns into a process re-evaluation. For many of us, this isn’t easy and in fact, can be quite upsetting.

The good news is, this week, the first week of a new year sees Venus become fused with the Sun. A turning point of sorts may arrive. This might mean that even though you don’t have all the outcomes just yet, you at least have arrived at an answer and that in itself can provide clarity and comfort. In Capricorn, Venus knows what she wants and isn’t keen on settling for less. Why would you in 2022?

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