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Time to find balance

By Cassandra Tyndall

This week marks the Equinox, where the Sun enters the cardinal sign of Libra. Latin for ‘equal night’ the Equinox heralds a period when the days and nights are relatively equal, thus, symbolizing the theme of balance.

In pagan traditions, this harvest season is a time to celebrate the last of the summer season and prepare for the cooler months ahead.

In this state of equilibrium in nature, we are also encouraged, as the sign of Libra suggests, to find balance. This isn’t to say that life has to be 50/50, but the scales may need to be rebalanced in some areas. Consider where your greatest source of stress and tension currently lies. Perhaps you’re investing too much of your time and energy there, or perhaps, not enough. A period of reflection can help you readjust. Either way, the Equinox invites you to celebrate what has been and prepare for what’s to come.

As the light of the Sun will eventually begin to noticeably decline, this is a time to complete projects, clear out and let go of what you no longer need. As you lighten your load, physically or metaphorically, you’ll find space for increased reflection and peace.

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