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Time to be honest

By Cassandra Tyndall

A new week  brings a new season with the sun’s entrance into Aries, thus, marking the astrological New Year and the vernal equinox. 

New beginnings are promised as the sun reaches its highest point in the northern sky in preparation for summer. While in the southern sky, the nights creep up on the days.

Interestingly, just as the sun slips into Aries, the Moon has all but yet moved into Scorpio, suggesting that something may be hanging in the balance. A relationship, a career or a choice or an option you’ve been deliberating on —all will be revealed of course, but the most potent proverbial seeds are being planted now. 

The dynamic and volatile connection that has plagued 2021 returns again. Mars squares Uranus this week, so be prepared for sudden eruptions or a change in direction. If you’ve been keeping the peace for too long and you’re feeling pushed, you might need to push back or take a more authentic course of action.

If you’ve found it hard to articulate your feelings recently, Mercury’s arrival in Aries on the weekend will change that. Though brutal at times, the sheer honesty of the next two weeks may be refreshing!

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