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Things might get messy

Like a good book or movie, characters develop as a part of the story. They slowly morph, change and reveal themselves. Sometimes, they change for the better and sometimes they don’t. More often than not, a certain situation in the plot brings an opportunity for that character to choose their path.
This week may bring a change in the narrative. A truth may be revealed or a lie becomes obscured in the haze of what it is you want to see. This could bring a redemptive quality that requires a leap of faith. Questioning your own character development within a certain plotline is another possibility. As a part of the post-eclipse hangover and like quite a few movies – for that matter, things might get messy in the middle. The character loses their way in order to find themself, to find the truth that drives their intention.
If you feel as though you’ve lost sight of the clarity, action and direction you seek, spend a little time sharpening your sword. Fine-tune your emotions, and cut away what bogs you down. It may not always feel pleasant, but you can only heal what you’re willing to feel. From that point, the path becomes clear.

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