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The stars bring tricks and treats

By Cassandra Tyndall

Sometimes, the truth can be stranger than fiction. The continuing reverse cycle of Mercury in Scorpio continues to dredge up information that may surprise, shock and intrigue. The desire to find a sense of balance or peace may be blindsiding. Glossing over facts or seeing what you want to see doesn’t make a problem go away. Whatever it is you’re currently trying to get to the bottom of, it’s important you see it for what it is. This might mean finding a sense of beauty in what’s not traditionally beautiful. It might mean loving someone, especially yourself, despite the ugliness or cracks on the inside. If you can come to love and appreciate what you’d rather not face, you’ll see that the cracks themselves is how the light gets in.

By the weekend, plans may not go as anticipated. A Full Moon in Taurus on Halloween would normally provide a stabilizing and nourishing energy, ripe for slowing down and taking care of yourself. Tightly configured with the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, there may be more tricks than treats. Balance will be important, whether that’s your sugar consumption or what truths become revealed under the lunar light.

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