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The revolving door

By Cassandra Tyndall

December is an interesting month. On the one hand, energies are amplifying as they usher us into a new year, while on the other, closures and endings clear the space. As one door closes, another door opens. 

This week sets the scene for ongoing relational structures to be examined and changed, as Venus and Pluto join forces. They’ll do so again on Christmas Day. So for now, embrace that some things won’t be like they used to be. Some situations will be beyond your control, while others not. Taking a stance about what is right for you and what you believe in may shift the nature of certain dynamics. 

The last time a similar cycle occurred was this same period in 2013/2014. If you can cast your mind back to then, the closing down of an eight-year cycle starts as a new one begins over the next couple of months!

The planetary play between Venus and Pluto taints the coming weeks, so things will likely transform over time. Pay extra attention to the dynamics around love, money, relationships and the affectionate bonds you share with other people. It may give you the proverbial heads-up to what is to come.

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