The cocktail corner: “Lemon Butter Cookie”

By Tom Joyce

LEEDS, WEST YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND–Back in 2002 , Mark “Q-Ball” Linnier and Martin Oliver were sitting in the office at the Mixing Tin, a dive bar featuring original live music. (The Mixing Tin eventually became Trash and now it’s called Mr. Ben’s Bar.) While sifting though a box of cassette demo tapes looking for the next “Oasis,” Linnier turned to Oliver and said, you guessed it: “Let’s have a drink.”

So, guess what they mixed up? You are correct! It was a “Lemon Butter Cookie!” Didn’t think you would have got that on the first try.

This cocktail probably has as many different flavors as the Mixing Tin had eclectic bands.

You might not think this drink would work but, surprisingly, it does. Shake up the ingredients with ice and pour straight up into a chilled glass. Close your eyes, think “lemon butter cookie,” then take a sip. You’ll be amazed!

Or come into On The Rocs and I’ll mix one up for you and we’ll toast Mark and Martin with a “Well done, gov’nah!”

I tweak this recipe a bit to tone down the sweetness and use available ingredients:

1.5 oz. vodka (I use Citron vodka)

.75 oz. honey liqueur (I use Barenjager)

2 oz. pressed apple juice (I use Vermont apple cider)

.25 oz. almond syrup (Orgeat)

0.25 oz. fresh lemon juice (they said to use 1/8 oz.–I’m not even sure how to do that)

Garnish with a lemon twist. Cheers!

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