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Shifting the astrological tide

By Cassandra Tyndall

The astrological tide is shifting in dramatic and potent ways which will highlight turning points, solutions and a new course of action. Any stumbling blocks, confusion or general logistical snafus will begin to iron themselves out, thanks to Mercury ending its retrograde phase. At the same time, so does benevolent Jupiter. 

Together, these two planets suggest the arrival of a helpful piece of information or a supportive solution that can help you move forward with confidence and hope. This should continue through the end of the month. 

When you’ve got the intel, insight or fresh perspectives you need, you can push forward with a plan of action. A Full Moon in Aries will illuminate the way in which you can do this. If you’ve been proverbially chasing your tail, delaying action due to indecision or avoiding conflict, this week might be the time to push ahead with your own plans or desires regardless.

Another big turning point takes shape in the form of the Sun’s annual arrival in the sign of Scorpio. As the light shifts focus, it’s time to harness your energy and intention so you’re battle-ready to face the next chapter of 2021’s celestial high-jinks.

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