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Shedding stagnation

By Cassandra Tyndall

This first full week of the month of October primes us for exciting new beginnings thanks to much of the stuck and stagnant energy of recent months starting to alleviate. The most potent influence combines the New Moon plus the fusion of the Sun and Mars. This will seed a new cycle of action, energy and focus. In the process, though, the unearthing that has festered or been hidden will make obvious the dross that needs to be burnt away. Themes involving “solar figures,” in particular leaders, politicians, CEOs, military and generally anyone in the spotlight are likely to appear, especially as the truth emerges. 

On a personal note, you might experience a renewal of energy, purpose, clarity and direction. If you’ve been spinning your wheels in a particular area of life, this week can help you make an important choice. It may take several weeks for the wheels to start turning again at full speed, but the power of making a decision is always the first step to taking action toward anything that matters. This week, intention will be everything. Decide on what you really want and recognize that while compromise can be nice, sometimes you need to stand your ground.

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