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Reliving the past

By Cassandra Tyndall

There’s a certain kind of magic in reliving the past. No doubt, now that Saturn is in Pisces, you might be in a deep state of remembering. Life is full of remember when moments, but the collective one we’re in now is a little bit more soul stirring than normal. For some people, denial of the past is the only way to move forward. For other people, the challenge is to see the past for what it was, rather than how it is remembered. Then there are also the people who live in the past, in a time warp, of sorts.

Either way, the chance to revisit, regardless of what is revealed or remembered, gives you the chance to reframe things. With older, wiser eyes, it can be easier to look fondly back on the joy. Some things you’ll be glad you’ve left behind, while others, the question will be, “why don’t I do that more often?” Whatever it is, two planets change signs this week that invite you to make up your mind to indulge more often. To drink the wine. To eat the cake. To sing the songs and dance like there’s no tomorrow. The only question left to ask, well why aren’t you?

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