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Question your perspective

By Cassandra Tyndall

More often than not, it’s the attitude in which we enter a certain situation or go about performing a certain task can play a part in determining how we perceive the experience. Even the less joyous or more mundane aspects of life can feel a little bit better if we put on a happy face. 

On the other hand, if we go about our days seeing the worst in everything, well the worst is certainly what we’ll likely get.

What if we enter a situation when we are totally uncertain or unaware of what we are entering into? One of two things tend to happen: 

We don’t know what we don’t know and move forward blindly. 

We are so certain of our own perspective, ideas or opinions that we close ourselves off from any new information or insight.

Mercury retrograde phase this week (peaking May 29) invites you to explore what beliefs or opinions you cling to so dearly; ask yourself why you hold them so close in the first place. Be humble enough to know that you may not have all the information at hand, and wise enough to adjust accordingly.

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